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How Do I...

How Do I...
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Activate a Payee
Add a Memo
Add a Note - Payment
Add a Payment Category
Add an Alert for a Payee
Assign a Bill
Cancel a CD Order
Cancel a Payment
Cancel an Automatic Payment
Cancel an E-bill
Change a Payment Category
Change an Alert for a Payee
Change Funding Account Information
Change Information for a Person or Business
Change Payment Information
Change Your E-mail Notification Preference
Check the Status of a CD Order
Create a Report
Deactivate a Payee
Delete a Payee
Delete a Payment Category
Delete a Report
Download a Report
Edit a Memo
Edit a Note - Payment
File a Bill or Notice
Make an Expedited Payment
Make Payments Page
Manage Categories
Manage Your Alert Preferences
Order a CD
Pay an Existing Person or Business
Pay Someone New
Print a Report
Reassign a Bill
Receive an Alert for a Payee
Search My Payment Records
Set Payment Option
Set Up an Automatic Payment
Set up an E-bill
View a Notice
View Bill Detail
View Bill History
View Payee Detail
View Payment History
View Reports