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Make an Expedited Payment

How Do I...
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To get started, please determine the payee that you want to pay.

  1. From your navigation links, click the link to make an expedited payment.

    Result: The first Expedited Payment page appears.

  2. Select the payee you want to make an expedited payment to and click the button to continue.

    Result: The next Expedited Payment page appears.

  3. Specify the payment type and details for the payment and click the button to continue.

    Result: A preview page appears, allowing you to review the payment.

  4. Review the payment you've decided to make and click the button to submit your payment.

    Result: A confirmation page appears.

Once you submit your payment, it cannot be edited or canceled. All expedited payments can be viewed on the payment history page for each payee. Your convenience fee will be debited from your funding account as a separate transaction. If your payment is made by overnight check, your address entry may have been modified due to a formatting preference of the payee and a tracking number will be assigned once the payment is shipped.